• 12:15-12:20 settle in
  • 12:20 brief introduction - where I work - student. pop. context of project
  • 12:25-1:10 activity - use of NOVEL (open to all) searching magazines & newspapers

  • 12:45-
    • "what's happening?" "What kinds of things are you finding?"
  • 12:55pm-1:05 min.
    • sent you off into a database - not a search engine
      • "How is that different?"
      • "What's the payoff for taking this approach?" for the students, for the teacher
  • 1:05-1:15
    • 10 minutes for reflective piece:
      • write about themselves as searchers – what informed those decisions –
    • what did you select the articles you did?
    • what key words or subject headings helped you?
    • how did it go for you – any general thoughts on your own engagement with this activity?
Hold off on classroom applications – reflect only on your process
"What came up for you" - ask to open discussion
  • 1:15-1:30:
    • This is what it looked like in the classroom: Introduce project assessment tools
    • Activity - generate a question based on their own inquiry
  • 1:30-1:40 Reflective discussion - 10 minutes

    • What ideas are you getting right now? What are some of the issues? Can we think of any modifications? What adaptations would you need to make for your particular situation?
    • (Listen for 'Where does this activity sit in the time line of research?')
    • (Listen for - the role of the librarian as a collaborator)

how to generate questions - librarian's skill
how do I facilitate kids generating questions-Distinguish the process that comes early in the inquiry process with the development of sound research questions.

Workshop learning objective - using preliminary research to generate questions for inquiry-based learning
Research is the brain-storming activity not the assignment

Reflective piece - starting point of collaboration is much earlier than expected - what is the difference?
The workshop is about the thinking that happens before the point where teachers are accustomed to working with the librarian.

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